10 Things We Can Learn From People With Disabilities


Although people with disabilities could be facing a distinct set of challenges, there are many positive lessons one could learn from them. Today, I received an email from a friend who works at a non-profit organization, she shared an inspiring article with me, “10 Things The World Can Learn From People With Disabilities“.

This article was written by Tiffiny Carlson. According to her profile on Huffingtonpost, “Tiffiny Carlson is a writer and quadriplegic from Minneapolis and she has a C6 spinal cord injury from a diving accident when she was 14. Breaking stereotypes is her passion. She’s been the SCI Life columnist for New Mobility magazine since 2003 and she’s the founder of the longtime disability site, Her work on disability and sexuality have been featured in Penthouse, Playgirl and When she’s not writing, Tiffiny mentors newly injured women and practices adapted yoga.”


Below are 10 inspiring ideas she learned from people with special needs.

1) True happiness is really possible in a “broken” body.

2) Patience can get you through almost anything.

3) Accidents can and will happen.

4) Disability can happen to anyone.

5) Don’t sweat the little things.

6) Being different is an opportunity.

7) Fitting in is overrated.

8) You can’t judge a person by their looks.

9) Life is short. Embrace everything.

10) Weakness isn’t always a negative


What is one positive thing you have learned from a disabled person? Please share your view and leave a comment!

To read the full article, here’s the link!


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