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10 Questions That Lead To Financial Success

vision action quote

1) What is your financial goal?

  • Sample Answer: Accumulate savings so there will be enough lifetime income to retire

2) Why is it important for you to achieve this financial goal?

  • Sample Answer: Achieving financial freedom so I could have more resources for my family and more time to do what I have always envisioned doing.

3) What does it take to achieve?

  • Sample Answers: I’ll need to generate at least $5000/month of passive income.

4) How much effort are you willing to put in?

  • Sample Answer: I’m willing to save 10% of my monthly income. While keep track and monitor my progress on a quarterly basis.

5) What is your target date to achieve?

  • Sample Answer: When I’m 50 years old, which is 20 years from now.

6) What can be done to speed up the process?

  • Sample Answer: I need to start savings now. Rather than depending solely on my own contributions, I would invest my savings, so the money would be growing to speed up the process in achieving my goal.

7) What is stopping me from taking immediate action?

  • Sample Answer: I do not have good knowledge in financial matters. Although I have some frameworks about my current situation, I do not know exactly what should be done. And to be honest, I’m procrastinating, I avoid to deal with things that seems to be complicated.

8) What does it cost to not taking immediate action today?

  • Sample Answer: Either I would have to delay or I would have less money for retirement. Without proper planning and taking immediate action, it gives me a lot of stress whenever I think about my financial situation.

9) What can be done to overcome the above barriers?

  • Sample Answer: I need to get some help from professionals who could provide me with advice. Advice what are so simple and easy to understand, he/she will also guide me and help monitoring my progress on a regularly basis.

10) Where will you get the help you need?

  • Sample Answer: I will look for a financial professional who has great credibility and years of experience in helping clients in building an investment portfolios that tailor to their needs and risk tolerance.
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