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Critical Illness Coverage For Children With Special Needs

Just awhile ago, I was sitting across a coffee table in my client’s house. This is a family of three people, where the husband works a manager of a franchise store, the wife is a waitress of a local restaurant, while the son is 9 years old diagnosed with autism. The son was approved with the disability tax credit…

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RDSP Life Shortening

What Happens If The RDSP Beneficiary Has Shortened Life Expectancy?

(Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at Awhile ago, I received a question from one of my email subscribers. This was an email from a mother where her son with disability has shortened life expectancy. “Dear Samuel, thank you for your ongoing email updates. They are very informative and I enjoy reading them. I have a…

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The Power of RDSP 2016: How to Turn $18,000 into $72,000 in 4 years?

In the past few years, I posted some examples on how to maximize in receiving the Canada Disability Savings Grants within the RDSP. This year will be no exception! Earlier today, I contacted the Mackenzie’s Tax and Estate team, and below is the illustration they have provided. Before we jump into reviewing the figures, it’s important to…

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Canada Child Benefit

Canada Child Benefit

I work with many parents who have minor children in their family. For time to time, some would express that they are running with a tight budget, so it would be difficult to plan for the financial future of their children. As a father of two daughters, I also reviewed what are some benefits that parents are entitled to.…

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RDSP idea

How To Maximize Your Disability Tax Savings And Benefits?

  Image courtesy of stockimages at To help you in getting most of the disability tax savings and benefits, when you do your tax filing this year, you may want to discuss with your accountant first whether you would be eligible for the tax credits, deductions or the benefits below. Disability Support Deduction: A disability supports…

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child disability benefits

RDSP Income Matching Rates for 2016

To start off planning for your disability savings plan in 2016, I want to provide you with some updates. This morning, I called the ESDC (The government department that handles the disability savings grants and bonds.) They provided me with the new figures of the family net income to calculate for the grants and bonds. There…

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kiss financial goals

KISS Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2016! I always love this time of the year. Everything starts fresh, and I’m setting my goals for the year. Last year was a tremendous year for me, I obtained my mortgage license and was able to help out many of my existing clients. I learned a lot more…

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RDSP Discussion 2

The Power of RDSP 2015: How to Turn $16,500 into $66,000 in 4 years?

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the RDSP Discussion Group hosted by Mackenzie Investments Inc. Mackenzie is the top-notch company that provides many great resources in the RDSP planning. The event was held at their professionally designed office in downtown Toronto, and all participants were advisors from the financial industry who dedicated their practices on helping…

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Christmas wishlist

Top 6 RDSP Wish List

  I love the RDSP, that’s no question about it. Although I believe this is one of the best programs we have in Canada, I also believe there is always room for improvements. Therefore, a couple of weeks ago, I sent out an email asking my subscribers: “If you can change anything about the rules of RDSP,…

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RDSP Radio Show With “Families for HOPE Network”

Earlier this month, I was very delighted to be the guest speaker of an online radio show for “FAMILIES FOR HOPE NETWORK”.  Families for HOPE Network was created to provide an online support group for families who have children with special needs at various stages of their lives. Make sure you visit their website, you…

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