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Recent Financial Articles for Canadian Business Owners – Nov 2013

Below are some articles that I read recently that are especially relevant to Canadian business owners. In the article, `Firms offer more help with retirement planning`, I like the idea in encouraging employees to save for their retirements by providing incentive through company`s matching contribution. It also stated although many firms have set up a…

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Contributing Back to the Special Needs Community

The success of every business is not measured by how much they own, rather on their willingness to share with other in needs. I strongly believe every business has the responsibility in contributing back to our community. For those who have attended the 1ofAkind business networking events that I’ve been hosting, you might remember that…

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Income & Asset Protection for Business Owners

Is what you have now enough to weather the storm? I have been talking to many small business owners lately, and many told me being a small business owner in Ontario might not be an easy job. There are many daily tasks that need to be taken care of. From marketing, prospecting, sales, to production…

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Benecaid FlexStyle: Non-Traditional Group Benefits Plan

Non-Traditional Group Benefits Plan for Ontario Businesses I did some researches on what do business owners think about providing group benefits to their employees. Many of them agree it is a good investment to show that the company does care about their employees and healthy workers are critical to their firm’s long-term growth.   However, some employers show…

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Let Your Employees Know That You Care- Group Benefits (Video)

Group benefits for companies in Canada There’s always a saying the better you treat a person, the more likely they’ll return the favour. I just created a 3 minutes clip, where a company would like to show appreciation to their employees through providing group benefits. Enjoy it!  

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Group Benefits Plans versus Individual Health Plans

As I was meeting a business owner a couple of weeks ago, we had a discussion of whatever he should provide a “Group Benefits Plan” or “Individual Health & Dental Plan” to his employees. Both plans have their own features, pros and cons. To have a better understanding, let’s go through the differences between both plans. Plan Design: Plan design of traditional…

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Ways to improve your employee benefits plan

What should you consider for your group benefits plan? As  business owners, we all want our hard-earned money to be put into good usage. That’s why when it comes to handling your group benefits plan, it is important you are dealing with a trusted independent specialist. An experienced consultant can save the premium your company is paying…

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Health & dental insurance that pays for itself

Under the current Income Tax Act, business owners could have great advantage in receiving tax relief from a health insurance plan. Premiums for individual health and insurance plans, may be considered a deductible business expense or an eligible medical expense. This is an example I got from Desjardin SoloHealthcare:  Ken  35 years old Single parent…

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