The Power of RDSP 2016: How to Turn $18,000 into $72,000 in 4 years?

In the past few years, I posted some examples on how to maximize in receiving the Canada Disability Savings Grants within the RDSP. This year will be no exception! Earlier today, I contacted the Mackenzie’s Tax and Estate team, and below is the illustration they have provided. Before we jump into reviewing the figures, it’s important to…

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RDSP Income Matching Rates for 2016

To start off planning for your disability savings plan in 2016, I want to provide you with some updates. This morning, I called the ESDC (The government department that handles the disability savings grants and bonds.) They provided me with the new figures of the family net income to calculate for the grants and bonds. There…

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10 Questions That Lead To Financial Success

1) What is your financial goal? Sample Answer: Accumulate savings so there will be enough lifetime income to retire 2) Why is it important for you to achieve this financial goal? Sample Answer: Achieving financial freedom so I could have more resources for my family and more time to do what I have always envisioned doing. 3)…

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Disability Benefits Programs In Ontario

In the past, our main discussion is focusing on how to maximize the long term savings using the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP). Although savings for the long run is important, I realize families with special needs also have other financial needs. For example, – Where could you find immediate income support? – If you…

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How To Save $398,891 For The Disabled Person?

Today, I want to share an example of how one could grow their disability savings to $398,891. Before I start, I want you to think about what does having that amount of savings would mean to the disabled person? Will that mean more suitable medical equipments? Better treatment? Greater affordability to hire someone to assist…

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My Personal Experience In Handling Life Insurance Claim In Canada

Every now and then, I would come across sayings such as “I do not need any insurance coverage as premature death would not happen to me” or “life insurance companies tend to deny claims“. Although, I cannot speak on behalf of all insurance cases, I would like to share my personal experience in handling one…

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Importance to diversify

Can You Really Time The Investment Market?

Last Monday, I did a workshop on personal finance for self-employed professionals at the YMCA. It was a great turnout! We have attendees from across different industries (i.e.: health, beauty, flower shops, computer repairs and many others.) As we are approaching the deadline to make the RRSP contribution for the tax year 2013, I received…

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Canadian Financial Goal 2014

What Are Your Financial Goals For 2014?

Happy New Year! I wish you are having a safe and joyful holiday! Since we are at the start of the year, it is a good time to plan ahead your financial goals for 2014. Below are some tips you may want to focus your planning on. Keep Track of Your Cash Flow and Networth:…

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Employment Termination Series: How Do You Handle Your Company’s Pension Plan?

Many companies may offer pension plan as part of the employees benefits, where these plans are considered as one of the most important source of retirement funding beside government pensions and personal savings. However, when employees leave the company before they retire, what are the options available? Last time, we’ve talked about the treatment to…

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Canada Disability Savings Bonds (CDSBs)

Is the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) only for the wealthy families? In my previous posting, we have discussed over the Canada Disability Savings Grants (CDSGs). Although it is one of the most generous matching grant from the government of Canada, it often leads to the question: “If a family is earning low-income, and unable…

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