Ontarian with Special Needs

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7 Common RDSP Questions At The Community Living Event

                    Last Saturday, I attended an event called the “Connected Families Forum” hosted by Community Living Toronto. This was a full day forum that provided valuable information and wonderful networking opportunity for families with intellectual disability. It was my second year in participating to this event, and throughout the day…

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Accessible Parking Permit In Ontario

Parking Permit For Ontarian With Disabilities The Accessible Parking Permit (APP) is designed to provide an easier way to get access to different locations for people with disabilities. A valid permit must be shown clearly on the vehicles’ sun visor or front dash.   What Is The Benefits? Permit holders have the right to park…

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disabled Ontario student

Bursary For Students With Disabilities (BSWD)

Financial Aid For Students With Disabilities In Ontario The purpose of this bursary is to assist students with either temporary or permanent disabilities who incur additional costs due to their special needs. These expenses could be educational costs for services or equipments. For example, note-takers, interpreters, tutors, braillers or other technical aids. These costs must…

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child disability benefits

Child Disability Benefits (CDB)

What Is Child Disability Benefits (CDB)? The purpose of the Child Disability Benefit is to provide tax-free benefits to families who have a child with prolonged disability.   What Benefit Is Available? CDB may provide monthly benefits of up to $220.83 per month or $2650 per year. The amount of benefits is based on: the…

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Income and Employment Support For Disabled Ontarian – Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

Last week, I shared a list of disability benefits programs available in Ontario. As I mentioned in that post, I’ll go through some of those programs in more details. One of the struggles that I notice for families with disabilities is their lack of immediate financial resources. In other words, they don’t have money now,…

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Disability Benefits Programs In Ontario

In the past, our main discussion is focusing on how to maximize the long term savings using the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP). Although savings for the long run is important, I realize families with special needs also have other financial needs. For example, – Where could you find immediate income support? – If you…

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Tim Harris

Overcome The Limit Of Disability With Breakfast, Lunch and Hugs

Tim Harris- Friendliest Restaurant Owner With Down’s Syndrome For many families with special needs that I’ve spoken to, one of their biggest concerns is whether the disabled persons have the ability to look after themselves financially in the long haul. We always have concerns whether they could find a job, but we rarely talk about…

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Why People Are Saying RDSP Is For Long Term Savings?

Investing for disabled Canadians in the long haul In many of my previous posts about the RDSP planning, I repeatedly emphasized this savings plan is for long term investing. But how many years are we talking about? To better illustrate the idea, let me show you 2 scenarios:   Jack, 45 years old male with…

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Is My RDSP Investment Portfolio Overly Conservative?

Last week, I had an online meeting with a prospective client. This is a mother of a 4 years old daughter who is diagnosed with autism. During our conversation, we were discussing how should we invest the money within the RDSP account for her daughter. The mother did not have much investment experience, and all…

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RDSP Strategy 2014: Maximize The Canada Disability Savings Grants

Just awhile ago, I did a RDSP workshop for “I Believe In Miracles“, a therapy and tutoring agency for children with special needs. In one of my previous posts, I shared how a  person may grow their disability savings to $398,891 in the long run. Today, I will show you another example from the workshop,…

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