Financial Needs Analysis

We worked with hundreds of clients since 2005, and have seen many different ways people are using to manage their own finance. One of the common problems we find is that most of them are trying to plan for their finance with too many different broken pieces. They cannot see the full picture, so they don’t have a clue what is really going on to their finance.

Does any of the following sound familiar to you?

  • When it’s approaching the RRSP deadline, you deposited money into your RRSP account, but spent very little time understanding what you were investing into
  • You transferred whatever money you had that could fit into the GIC within a TFSA, because there was a rate promotion
  • You put your money into investments that seemed popular at the time
  • When you needed to use money, you cashed out from the accounts that were meant to be long-term savings. You had no other choices, because you never took action in building up your emergency savings.
  • You purchased a life insurance policy because that was the cheapest option, but unsure what were its terms and conditions.
  • You chose your current mortgage because it offered a low rate, but you had not considered you might be moving to another location before the mortgage terms end

Despite, you had applied the above steps over the years, you still have no idea on the core questions:

  • How much money will you need when you retire?
  • When can you expect to retire?
  • When can you live debt off?
  • What type of investments would not make you losing sleep at night?
  • When can you pay off your mortgage?
  • Will your child have enough savings for their education?

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We believe managing your finance should not be like that. As an added value to our services, we are providing a “Financial Needs Analysis” to our existing clients, where we could use this to fully analysis your financial health. In this analysis report, it will layout clearly:

  • Where does your money flow?
  • What kind of assets do you hold?
  • What are your liabilities?
  • What is the progress in your savings goals?
  • Have much money will you save if you consolidate your debt?
  • What are your insurance needs?
  • and many more 

Click here to view the sample of a “Financial Needs Analysis

With these important analysis, we would able to provide you with specific advice on what steps you need to take in order to reach your financial goals. Also, to make recommendation on the areas you might have overlooked in your planning. Currently, we are not making this available to the public. This is exclusive to our existing clients, and our email subscribers.

Although, we do not charge any fee for this analysis report, producing such an extensive report could easily take more than 20 hours per case. (From data collection and inputting, reviewing the data, online meetings, coming up with suitable advice, implementation of action plans.)

Therefore, if you are truly serious in putting your finance on the right track, and are ready to take actions, we welcome you to “contact us to schedule a 30 minutes meeting”(Meeting can take place either in person at our Markham office or online)