Benecaid FlexStyle: Non-Traditional Group Benefits Plan

Non-Traditional Group Benefits Plan for Ontario Businesses

I did some researches on what do business owners think about providing group benefits to their employees. Many of them agree it is a good investment to show that the company does care about their employees and healthy workers are critical to their firm’s long-term growth.


However, some employers show concerns on providing traditional group plans.

  1. Their premium would be wasted when their staffs are not claiming too much.
  2. On the other hand, their premium would increase a lot when there are high claim ratios. Especially for small businesses with a few employees, one member with very high claims might really drive up the cost.


Therefore, I started looking for alternative solutions and found the Benecaid FlexStyle plan. Then, I met with the Benecaid Benefits Consultant to understand more about their plan designs, and I believe they could tackle the above problems. Below is a 7 minutes of this untraditional group plan. Feel free to contact me if you need to discuss further.


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