Health and Dental Insurance in Canada

Health and Dental Protection in Ontario

ID-100102378 stockimagesEmployees working for huge corporations may have group insurance plans to pay for their healthcare expenses. However, not every companies are offering this to their staffs, especially those who are operating their own business, you might not have the “Health & Dental” plan to cover for your medical expenses. Although, Canadians have a good public health system, it does not cover everything.


For example, it does not cover the following:

  • Services of healthcare professionals beside general practitioners or specialists (but not for chiropractor, massage therapists, physiotherapists, homeopath)
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental benefit
  • Vision care

For business owners, premiums for health and dental insurance may be considered as business expense.

What are the Health and Dental coverage choices available?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of coverages. They are the Traditional Health & Dental Plan, and the Health Spending Account.

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