Insurance planning

Is your family well-protected from unexpected events?family

  • Have you heard of any case where a family is suffering from unexpected expensive healthcare expenses?
  • Do you know anyone who is unable to work due to sickness or injury?
  • Is anyone you know ever  been diagnosed with life threatening cancer? stroke? heart disease?
  • Have you met any family where a member dies prematurely?


If these could happen to somebody, it also has a chance to happen any of us.

Do you know:


      • non-smoker, male, age 40 has a 59.3% of dying, or becoming critically ill or disabled before age 65
      • non-smoker, female, age 40 has a 52.5% of dying, or becoming critically ill or disabled before age 65


  • Discliamer: The above figures are obtained from Manulife Synergy



Should the above unexpected events occur, does your family have sufficient financial reserve to get through the difficult time?


How insurances could protect your family?

Although no one expected themselves to get sick, injured or die prematurely, we do know that it could happen to anybody at anytime. We do not have control when do unfortunate things happen, but you could definitely protect for yourself and your family against unexpected events.

We could find you the right coverage in:

  • Life insurance – Provide a lump sum death benefit to your beneficiary in when you pass away
  • Critical illness insurance – Lump sum benefit will be paid out when you are diagnosed with critical illness defined in the contract.
  • Disability insurance – Monthly benefit will be provided when you are unable to work due to injury or sickness.
  • Health & dental benefits – Covers your prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, extended healthcare services, others.
  • Group benefits – Protect your employees with benefits such as life insurance, health & dental, vision care, disability insurance, and others.
  • Student health insurance plan – Cover the unexpected health expenses for international students
  • Travel insurance – Protect you from unexpected expenses such as emergency medical, trip interruption, trip cancellation when you are out of the country.


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