disabled Ontario student

Bursary For Students With Disabilities (BSWD)

disabled Ontario student

Financial Aid For Students With Disabilities In Ontario

The purpose of this bursary is to assist students with either temporary or permanent disabilities who incur additional costs due to their special needs. These expenses could be educational costs for services or equipments. For example, note-takers, interpreters, tutors, braillers or other technical aids. These costs must not be already covered by another agency or service and are needed in order to participate in post-secondary school.


How Much Is The Benefit?

According to the information provided on 2014-2015, the maximum amount of benefit is $2, 000 per academic year.


Who Is Eligible?

You may eligible to receive the bursary if you are:

– Qualified for OSAP for part time students and currently receiving an Ontario part-time grant or

– Qualified for OSAP for full time students or

– Qualified for an Institution Funded Special Bursary

As stated earlier, you must also be temporary or permanent disabled, and have disability-related educational costs which are not covered by another agency.

How To Apply?

1) Download the application named: “Ontario Bursary for Students with Disabilities and Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities (BSWD/CSG-PDSE)


(Note: The above is an updated application for 2016-2017)

2) Complete the application. Some schools have office for students with disabilities, if you need any help in filling the form, you may contact them. If your school does not have that office, you may also contact the financial aid office for more assistance. Here’s the link to reach them: (https://osap.gov.on.ca/OSAPPortal/en/PostsecondaryEducation/OSAP/Help/index.htm).

There are other documentation required along with the application, they include:

– Proof of your disability

– Written recommendation for the disability related equipments or services. This could be from the disability advisor at your school or your physician or other regulated health care practitioner.

– An estimation for the cost of the requested service(s)

– Receipts of purchases that were already made prior to the approval of funding. (Note that you are subjected to your own risk for any purchases made before funding approval since they are not guaranteed to be eligible for the BSWD)

More details of the documents required could be found on page 2 of the application.

3) Once you have completed the application,

– If you are a student at a publicly-assisted college or university in Ontario, then you could bring your application and the required documents to the financial aid office at your school

– If you are a student at a private post-secondary school in or outside of Ontario, you may bring the application to your school’s financial aid office for a review and get it signed by them. Then you may mail your application and all required documentation to:

Student Financial Assistance Branch

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

189 Red River Road, 4th Floor

Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6G9



How Will I Receive The Funding?

Funding will be sent to your school’s financial aid office, usually in the form of cheque. However, every school may have different ways to handle this, you may inquire your school on how they issue the payment.


Other Important Rules To Be Followed:

In order to qualify for the BSWD, there are deadlines for when the services/equipments must be purchased, and when the receipts are to be received by your financial aid office. All these details are being listed both the application form and the “Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities” websites. (https://osap.gov.on.ca/OSAPPortal/en/A-ZListofAid/PRDR008120.html). Be sure to read those rules, and comply with the deadlines.


Where Could I Obtain More Details About The “Bursary For Students With Disabilities (BSWD)”?

In addition to contact your school’s financial aid office, you can call the toll-free # 1-800-387-5514or TTY: 1-800-263-2892. The details of this program are also listed on the (https://osap.gov.on.ca/OSAPPortal/en/A-ZListofAid/PRDR008120.html).



  • Details are obtained from “Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities” website (https://osap.gov.on.ca/OSAPPortal/en/A-ZListofAid/PRDR008120.html)
  • Information may be subjected to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed to be error-free. It is used for general understanding only and do not intend to provide any advice.
  • Please always contact the assistance program provider for exact details.
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