Professional Who Truly Knows How To Grow Your Savings With The RDSP

Professional Who Truly Knows How To Grow Your Savings With The RDSP

Disability savings involve a lot of on-going and long-term management. In many instances, we could easily talk about time horizon of over 20 or even 30 years! You should work with a specific advisor where he/she will be looking after your planning throughout this time. You would not want to deal with different random reps and re-explain your situation all from the start every time you need help.

I’m licensed investment fund advisor and have started serving my clients in this industry since 2005. I’m proud to be one of the few advisors who truly specialized in the RDSP planning. I often share my knowledge about this important savings programs with many different associations such as Community Living, Learning Disabilities Association, Yasad, Hope for Autism, Families for Hope and some local churches as well.  Currently, I’m working with over 50 families with special needs in managing their Registered Disability Savings Plan.

“First of all I want to say thanks a zillion Samuel for being so patient and understanding of our financial situation. I commend you for being so sensitive about people with disabilities such as my husband. The fact that you were so willing to give us a ton of information without being pushy or forcing us into any specific decision was what really made my husband chose you as our consultant as he always says he doesn’t like to be told what to do; yet we have been able to find a common ground with your expertise and understanding of our current situation and pointing us in the right direction. I literally feel like you have enlightened us and help us see what is out there, that otherwise we wouldn’t have known existed. I sincerely hope there were a million more like you who are being advisors with their heart and not just with their mind. Two thumbs up and may you continue having a lengthy, prosperous life so you can continue helping happy new clients like me and my husband.”

Brenda Pérez Gil Romo

Here is my commitment to my clients:

  1. All the documentation in setting up the RDSP account will be prepared for you. Even if you account is with another financial institution, I will handle the entire transfer process.

  2. All submissions of the disability savings grants and bonds application forms will be taken care for you.

  3. We will sit down and discuss what are your investment goals and risk tolerance. I then design an investment portfolio according to your needs.

  4. Your money will be managed daily by investment professionals.

  5. I will provide ongoing financial advice and management of your account. This ensures the financial strategy is aligning with your goal and you do receive the government grants and bonds that you are entitled to.

Not only that, I’m also known for:

  • Quick Response Turnaround: I’m committed to respond to my clients within 2 business days.  In most of the time, my clients do receive reply from me, if not on the same day, it would be the next.

  • Resourceful of knowledge: One man cannot know everything. When we are working together, not only that you have access to my knowledge, you will also get benefited from my network of professionals. For instance, I could get access to a team of RDSP expertises, where their knowledge in planning for the special needs community is next to none. Due to my long-term business relationship with them, I could obtain their professional insights or even discuss my client’s situation on a case-by-case basis.

  • Building long term relationship: One of the best things in running my own practice is that I could build solid relationship with my clients. Even if I switch to another investment dealer, I could continue to service my existing clients. Therefore, my clients never need to worry about forcing to deal with another random advisor.

  • Willingness to take extra step: When dealing with money matters, there could be other fields of professionals involved. For example, the social worker who look after your ODSP, the lawyer who setup your Henson Trust and will. I’m willing to take the extra step in discussing your planning with them if needed. The purpose is to maximize your overall benefit. On a separate note, for some families who are unable to meet at our office due to their disability or lack of transportation means, I’m also willing to make other arrangements. For example, to meet in their home, local coffee shop or through Skype.

If you are:

  • Already approved with the disability tax credit

  • Under the age of 49

  • Resident of Ontario

  • Very serious about growing your savings

I welcome you to contact me. I’d be happy to discuss with you how I can speed up and enhance your savings through the RDSP.



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