Where Could I Find Out The Status Of My RDSP Grants and Bonds?


To find out the amount of disability savings grants and bonds one is entitled to involves many complex calculations. Factors such as the date that the disability tax credit is approved, the net family income, the contribution amount and when the contribution is made are needed to be considered when doing the calculations.

Is there easier ways to find out more about your RDSP?

  • Yes, the first way is you may call the CRA’s Disability Savings Grants & Bonds Department (1866-204-0357). Their office hour is Monday to Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. Unfortunately, they cannot pre-authorize another person to speak on behalf of the disabled. Whenever I need to verify details for my clients, we will do a 3-way calls with the CRA.
  • Another way is every year, a “Letter of Entitlement” will be mailed out around March. It contains many detailed information about your RDSP. Therefore, when you receive it, make sure to keep good record of it.


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