Who Is Currently Managing Your Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)?

As you probably know, the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is an extremely important tool to enhance the long term wealth of the disabled person. With the help from the Government of Canada, one could obtain up to $90,000 of disability savings benefits. However, many of my clients used to setup their account with different financial institutions before they met me, and they all ran into these common problems.

Problem#1: Inexperienced Advisors

Not too many financial institutions are giving adequate training to their staffs in servicing families with special needs. As a result, families often cannot obtain the services and advise they need. Planning for the RDSP is not just about opening up the account, there are a lot of complex considerations involved. For example,

  • How much should one contribute to receive the maximum amount of Canada Disability Savings Grants?
  • When should one start the withdrawal without any claw back of the government benefits?
  • Will the RDSP affect other government benefits such as the Ontario Disability Support Program?
  • Who can be the account holder? What would happen if the existing account holder passes away?

Above are just a few sample questions, there are many concerns that have not been properly addressed to these families!

Problem#2: No Personalized And Proactive Advice

As most of the staffs in the local branches are not well equipped to service families on their RDSP, they would be directed to a hotline whenever they need help. The problem is they would need to speak to different random reps and end up re-explaining their entire situation during every call. Furthermore, there is no proactive advice in the planning process, instead the responsibility in asking the right questions will lay on the families. However, the challenge is most families do not know what they need to be aware of.

Problem#3: Not All Round Financial Advice

Planning for the finance for a family is not just about setting up an accounts. It involves many careful considerations such as mortgage planning, insurance needs and investments management. Many families are offered services piece by piece, here and there. This puzzled style of the planning cannot provide the families with the complete picture of their finance, which makes it a lot more difficult to plan for their futures.


How Are We Different?

At this time, you might think: “Ok, I understand there are lots of problems that need to be addressed, but how are you different from the rest?”

Please allow me to take this chance to briefly introduce myself.  My name is Samuel Li. I run an advisory practice that specialized in working for families with special needs. I’m licensed in Ontario where I could provide a wide range of financial services to my clients from investments, mortgage to insurance planning. I partner with numerous well-known companies and a team of professionals in providing the suitable financial solutions for my clients.

rdsp professional team

I’m a regular guest speaker for different local churches and special needs parent support group. I have been actively raising awareness of the disability savings benefits to numerous disability association such as Yasad, Community Living, Learning Disability Association, Hope To Autism and others.

Since the RDSP was launched in 2008, I have successfully assisted:

  • a single mother where her child is diagnosed with Autism
  • middle-aged lady where her daily activities is restricted due to brain damage
  • a family where two of the members are diagnosed with prolonged mental disabilities
  • and over 50 other families with special needs


Below are some success stories from our clients: 

“…you were so willing to give us a ton of information without being pushy or forcing us into any specific decision was what really made my husband chose you as our consultant…”

“First of all I want to say thanks a zillion Samuel for being so patient and understanding of our financial situation. I commend you for being so sensitive about people with disabilities such as my husband. The fact that you were so willing to give us a ton of information without being pushy or forcing us into any specific decision was what really made my husband chose you as our consultant as he always says he doesn’t like to be told what to do; yet we have been able to find a common ground with your expertise and understanding of our current situation and pointing us in the right direction. I literally feel like you have enlightened us and help us see what is out there, that otherwise we wouldn’t have known existed. I sincerely hope there were a million more like you who are being advisors with their heart and not just with their mind. Two thumbs up and may you continue having a lengthy, prosperous life so you can continue helping happy new clients like me and my husband.”

Brenda Pérez Gil Romo


“His expertise in RDSP’s impressed me…thoroughly explained again about the in’s and outs of RDSP’s and then helped us setup an RDSP fund for my son with developmental delay syndrome.”

“I first met Sam at an orientation meeting organized by Community Living Toronto way back in 2013. His expertise in RDSP’s impressed me at that meeting. We scheduled an appointment with him and a few days later Sam came home and thoroughly explained again about the in’s and outs of RDSP’s and then helped us setup an RDSP fund for my son with developmental delay syndrome. Since that time Sam became my financial advisor, I would seek his opinion before signing up for an insurance and when my mortgage renewal was up I sought his assistance in finding a good lender with much better rates. Recently when I thought I needed a personal loan he not only looked into finding which financial institution I could get it from but gave me the best financial advice that stopped me from getting back into debt. He’s one of the best financial advisers out there, I highly recommend him.”

Phillipa Lubin, London, Ontario


“…l was very impressed with all the knowledge he has about special needs he helped us set up many different accounts…Samuel is very hard working and very honest…”

“I met Samuel about a year ago through face book and l was very impressed with all the knowledge he has about special needs he helped us set up many different accounts , like TFSA account and Disability insurance , as my daughter can not get life insurance because of her special needs and many more things . Samuel is very hard working and very honest . He has also helped us consolidate our finances . He is amazing !!”

Maria Agosta, Markham, Ontario

Our Services Commitment


  • Handling of the all the documentation to set up for the RDSP account and to apply for the disability savings benefits from the government
  • Design suitable investment portfolio according to your goals and risk tolerance
  • Provide ongoing proactive advice and management of your RDSP account
  • Regularly review of your all round financial situation including investments, mortgage and insurance needs planning
  • When a client contacts me, my turnaround time in responding is within 2 business days
  • Unlimited email and phone supports to address your questions and concerns
  • Different meeting method to suit your needs. (i.e. Face-to-face meeting at our office, online conference, or at your home depending on where you are located)
  • Build up long-term trusted relationship with your family. Unlike a regular salary paid employee, this financial advisory practice is my core business. I could always continue servicing my existing clients regardless of which firm that I choose to work with.
  • There is not a single person who could know everything about the financial planning. My clients do not just estate team photohave access to my services and knowledge. Mackenzie Investments is one of the top-notch companies when it comes to providing services for families with special needs. Through to my excellent long-term relationship with them, I could always discuss my clients’ case directly with their professional Tax & Estate team.