$101,411 Disability Savings Benefits Is Obtained!


As most of you probably know by now, assisting families with special needs to obtain disability savings benefits is part of my services and it is also something I really enjoy doing. It has been a few years of meaningful journey in learning the different aspects about the RDSP program, and showing this to families who are in needs. As I was sitting in front of my office desk this morning, and reviewing my clients’ accounts, I realized my clients have already received $101,411 disability benefits in total from the government.

Some families have more financial resources so they could take advantage of the matching grants by making contribution to the account, while several low income-families could also get benefited without making a dollar of contribution from the Canada Disability Savings Bonds.

It is joyful to see how much we have accomplished together and how the savings could be a great help to the disabled person in the future. If you haven’t started your RDSP planning, what are you waiting for?


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