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Is My RDSP Investment Portfolio Overly Conservative?

Last week, I had an online meeting with a prospective client. This is a mother of a 4 years old daughter who is diagnosed with autism. During our conversation, we were discussing how should we invest the money within the RDSP account for her daughter. The mother did not have much investment experience, and all…

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RDSP Strategy 2014: Maximize The Canada Disability Savings Grants

Just awhile ago, I did a RDSP workshop for “I Believe In Miracles“, a therapy and tutoring agency for children with special needs. In one of my previous posts, I shared how a  person may grow their disability savings to $398,891 in the long run. Today, I will show you another example from the workshop,…

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How To Save $398,891 For The Disabled Person?

Today, I want to share an example of how one could grow their disability savings to $398,891. Before I start, I want you to think about what does having that amount of savings would mean to the disabled person? Will that mean more suitable medical equipments? Better treatment? Greater affordability to hire someone to assist…

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RDSP Workshop At “I Believe in Miracles” Therapy Center

If you are one of my email subscribers, you probably already noticed that on May 21st, 2014, I’m very delighted to be speaking at the “I Believe In Miracles”  therapy center. For those who haven’t received my email, below are the details. (If you haven’t, make sure to click here to subscribe to my emailing…

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$101,411 Disability Savings Benefits Is Obtained!

As most of you probably know by now, assisting families with special needs to obtain disability savings benefits is part of my services and it is also something I really enjoy doing. It has been a few years of meaningful journey in learning the different aspects about the RDSP program, and showing this to families…

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Estate Planning For Families With Special Needs

Many parents that I’ve talked to are very active in saving for their children with special needs. Especially with the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), their attention is focused on getting the disability savings grants and disability savings bonds from the government. However, having the proper estate planning for the parents is just as important…

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What Happens If The RDSP Account Holder Or Beneficiary Passes Away?

I recently had a meeting with a parent whose daughter is diagnosed with pro-longed disabilities. Since the daughter is incapable of making her own financial decision, her father becomes the account holder of her Registered Disability Savings Plan, while the daughter is setup to be the beneficiary. During our discussion, the father raised up two…

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Where Could I Find Out The Status Of My RDSP Grants and Bonds?

To find out the amount of disability savings grants and bonds one is entitled to involves many complex calculations. Factors such as the date that the disability tax credit is approved, the net family income, the contribution amount and when the contribution is made are needed to be considered when doing the calculations. Is there…

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Obtain Disability Savings Benefits By Filing Your Income Tax

  I have came across a question from a person with special needs: “I already setup the RDSP, but why I haven’t seen the grants and bonds being deposited into my account?” If you recall the benefits of setting up a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), the Canada Disability Savings Grants (CDSG) and the Canada…

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Common Questions about RDSP

Yesterday, I held an information booth for the Learning Disabilities Association of Peel Region. Not only that I made some great connections with other professionals that serves the special needs community, I also had chances in talking to many families with disabilities, and answer their questions in regards to the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).…

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