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RRSP Deadline and Contribution Limit for The Tax Year 2013

February is always the busiest season for my advisory practice, that’s because the RRSP deadline is the first 60 days into the new year. If you are planning to make a contribution, remember the RRSP deadline is March 3rd, 2014. You could still deposit into your RRSP afterward, but to make that contribution tax deductible…

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Importance to diversify

Can You Really Time The Investment Market?

Last Monday, I did a workshop on personal finance for self-employed professionals at the YMCA. It was a great turnout! We have attendees from across different industries (i.e.: health, beauty, flower shops, computer repairs and many others.) As we are approaching the deadline to make the RRSP contribution for the tax year 2013, I received…

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10 Brainstorming Questions for Your RRSP Planning in 2014

As we’re in the RRSP season, you probably will hear a lot more about this four-letters word through different types of media. However, before you decide what to do for your RRSP this year, I’d like to share 10 brainstorming ideas for you to think about: What are the benefits to you in contributing to…

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RRSP Deadline March 01, 2013

RRSP Deadline in Less Than One Week If you still have not contributed into your RRSP for the tax year 2012, there is less than one week to do it. Below is a checklist that provides some insights to your RRSP planning. Check it out!   http://www.mackenziefinancial.com/mfc_insight/en/pdf/Family_Finance_112012a.pdf

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Why You Need To Diversify Your Investment Portfolio?

Are you putting all your eggs into one basket? Have you ever wondered why street vendors often sell unrelated products. For example,sunglasses and umbrellas? That may seem weird, doesn’t it? After all, how often would a customer purchase both items at the same time? Street vendors understand that when it is sunny, it is easier…

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