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8 Tips On Your Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

1) Open your RDSP account ASAP I have been working in the financial industry since 2005, and the Registered Disability Savings Plan is truly one of the best financial programs I have ever seen. This is an excellent program in the sense that it provides attractive matching grants and savings bonds. Where else could you find…

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7 Common RDSP Questions At The Community Living Event

                    Last Saturday, I attended an event called the “Connected Families Forum” hosted by Community Living Toronto. This was a full day forum that provided valuable information and wonderful networking opportunity for families with intellectual disability. It was my second year in participating to this event, and throughout the day…

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Why People Are Saying RDSP Is For Long Term Savings?

Investing for disabled Canadians in the long haul In many of my previous posts about the RDSP planning, I repeatedly emphasized this savings plan is for long term investing. But how many years are we talking about? To better illustrate the idea, let me show you 2 scenarios:   Jack, 45 years old male with…

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Is My RDSP Investment Portfolio Overly Conservative?

Last week, I had an online meeting with a prospective client. This is a mother of a 4 years old daughter who is diagnosed with autism. During our conversation, we were discussing how should we invest the money within the RDSP account for her daughter. The mother did not have much investment experience, and all…

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RDSP Strategy 2014: Maximize The Canada Disability Savings Grants

Just awhile ago, I did a RDSP workshop for “I Believe In Miracles“, a therapy and tutoring agency for children with special needs. In one of my previous posts, I shared how a  person may grow their disability savings to $398,891 in the long run. Today, I will show you another example from the workshop,…

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Disability Tax Credit Revisit

Last week, I did a Disability Savings (RDSP) workshop for “I Believe in Miracle” a therapy agency for children with intellectual disabilities such as Autism, Learning Disabilities, ADD/ ADHD, slow learners, dyslexia. Despite the terrible weather on that evening, (if you remember, there were hail) we could still manage to have a nice small group…

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How To Save $398,891 For The Disabled Person?

Today, I want to share an example of how one could grow their disability savings to $398,891. Before I start, I want you to think about what does having that amount of savings would mean to the disabled person? Will that mean more suitable medical equipments? Better treatment? Greater affordability to hire someone to assist…

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RDSP Workshop At “I Believe in Miracles” Therapy Center

If you are one of my email subscribers, you probably already noticed that on May 21st, 2014, I’m very delighted to be speaking at the “I Believe In Miracles”  therapy center. For those who haven’t received my email, below are the details. (If you haven’t, make sure to click here to subscribe to my emailing…

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What It Cost To Procrastinate In Making Financial Decision?

Yesterday, I did a financial workshop for the YMCA Business Center. One key idea that I emphasize is not about any of the financial strategies, rather is the human psychology when it comes to making financial decision. Although, I’m not a  psychologist, I do find that there is one particular problem which are very common…

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Outlook 2014: Q2 from Investment Professionals

As we entered into the second quarter of 2014, it is important to review over your investments. In going forward, how will you position your portfolio?  Below is a short video clip from Mackenzie Investments, where their professional team will share their view on the market outlook and some of their investment strategies . Check…

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