Protect your family from unexpected event

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Becoming a parent is not an easy task. Beside taking care of your children’s daily activities, you will have to pay for the mortgage, car payments, phone bills, groceries, utilities, property tax,  medical expenses, travel expenses, saving  for your children’s tuition fee and many more. In order words, your children are  totally depended on you. Certainly, you can provide your children with what they  need because you are able to work now.  However, what if you are disabled? What if you are critically ill? Or what if you are simply not around? The following are the coverages you should seriously consider:



Disability Insurance:

  • This is an income replacement coverage. It provides you with monthly benefits in the case that you are disabled and unable to work. Some plans would cover disability due to sickness and accident, while others cover only the result from an accident.

Critical illness insurance:

  • It pay outs a lump sum benefit  if you become sick with an illness covered by your policy and survive the waiting period. The benefit is not limited to medical purpose, it is a cash payment and you decide how to spend the money.

Life insurance:

  • With all these high monthly payments, imagine how much income your family would have to make up when you pass away. Will you leave enough funding for your family to pay for them? If not, life insurance would provide your family with the secure they need.

Of course, every insurance plans would have its own unique features and conditions. Make sure you understand the terms before you enroll.

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