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Investment Review for the Second Quarter of 2017

As we are passed the second quarter of 2017, below is a brief market recap of the investment markets, which I hope will provide you with some insights in how to position your portfolios. Most capital market indexes around the world registered impressive gains early in the second quarter before moderating in June, reflecting steady…

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What It Cost To Procrastinate In Making Financial Decision?

Yesterday, I did a financial workshop for the YMCA Business Center. One key idea that I emphasize is not about any of the financial strategies, rather is the human psychology when it comes to making financial decision. Although, I’m not a  psychologist, I do find that there is one particular problem which are very common…

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Second Quarter 2013 Investment Updates

Investments Updates for Canadians After more than four years of trying to boost its economy through extremely low interest rates and other measures, the U.S. Federal Reserve declared a tentative victory in the second quarter of 2013. Cheered by strong jobs and housing data, Fed Governor Ben Bernanke suggested that it may begin to scale…

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