What Did I Prepare For My Vacation?


It’s summer! We are already half way through 2014. Why not relax a little bit and take a short break from work? From June 15th to July 7th, 2014, I’ll be traveling to Hong Kong and Japan with my family.

Last night, my wife and I were doing a checklist on what to bring to the trip.  This is our first time traveling with our 7 months old daughter, you’ll be surprised to see such a long checklist as there are over 80 items to bring! (Diapers, baby foods, the Sophie toy that she likes to chew, and the list goes on and on…). Of course, one of the most important things I would never forget is the travel insurance coverage. When we travel outside of our province, our health care plans (OHIP) may not cover all the medical expenses in the foreign country.I do not want the possibility to pay for hefty medical bills after the trip, so I need to ensure that my family is well covered for the trip.  I could remember a couple of years ago, I read the news below on the Toronto Star,

Ex-Argo cheerleader’s coma a financial and medical crisis. The family of Anna Leibenko, now in a coma in Croatia, faces overwhelming bills after her accident on vacation.”(

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During my vocation, if you need to reach me, feel free to leave an email ( The response time may be longer than usual, but I’ll do my best to check them as soon as I have access to the internet. However, if there is emergency and you do need to get things processed before I return, you may contact our office staff:

– Yvonne Chan 905-470-8222 ext 269 for your investment accounts

– Joseph Chan 905-470-8222 ext 270 for your insurance policies


P.S. Due to jet lag, I’ll probably be staying up and watch the World Cup the same time as you. What’s your favorite team?



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